Optimist’s Jig

Mark and Tom enjoy the success of being two of the most regular working musicians on earth. They entertain in a wide variety of venues for an even wider assortment of audiences. With their roots firmly planted in tradition, their limbs freely explore the outer limits. Their engaging humor and musicality have made them popular in several circuits. Their ramblings have led them down the highways of Ontario, through the back roads of Britain, along the shores of the Maritimes and into the mountains of New York. They perform a traditional and original repertoire influenced by Celtic, Maritime and North American roots. Musicians: Mark Haines, Tom Leighton, Chase Sanborn, Garth Vogan, Thomasina Reilly & Eileen Suthers, Dennis Keldie. Produced by: Mark Haines, Tom Leighton & Bill Garrett.

Download the Sheet Music for “Maxwell’s Rant”  by Mark Haines & Tom Leighton.

Download the Sheet Music for “The Big Hop, Thomasina and Eileen’s Reels” by Tom Leighton

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  • “The arrangements on Optimists Jig held my interest throughout… where Daniel Lanois uses a barage of synths and effects, Haines & Leighton weave their cloth from more natural fibres… This album will sustain your interest through repeated listenings.” –Dean Nixon, T.O. NITE
  • “Optimists Jig has a versality and diversity that comes from years of experience… the energy goes both ways.” –Land O’ Lakes, The Sun
  • “…. an excellent CD” –Greg Burliuk, The Kingston Whig-Standard


Tunes on Optimist’s Jig

      1. Kesh Jig Medley
      2. Boots and Saddles
      3. Optimists Jig
      4. Ring of Fire
      5. The Lark
      6. Maxwell’s Rant, The Big Hop, Thomasina and Eileen’s Reels
      7. Soldier’s Tale
      8. Hills of Pine Valley
      9. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
      10. Planxty Irwin
      11. Saint Clements Jig
      12. La Cardeuse
      13. Accordion Polkas Medley
      14. A Lot Like Me
    15. I’m On My Way

Contact Mark and Tom for a Choral arrangement for “I’m on my Way”.

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