“Tom at Work” painting by Ian Bell

Tom is a long time professional musician. He is an an accomplished accompanist in many styles including folk, Celtic, swing, light jazz, country and rock’n roll. Tom has accompanied soloists to orchestras; and he has directed bands and choirs from two to a hundred. He’ll name drop on his “About Tom” page.

As a recording artist he has played on many CDs including 2 solo instrumental CDs (Leighton Life and Leighton Tendencies) and 2 with long time partner Mark Haines (Hand To Hand, Optimists Jig and Foot to Floor)
Tom plays: piano; accordions with modified bass; various keyboards: Roland 88 key RD700 SX; mini moog synth, organ module with real rotating speaker; bodhran; whistles in many keys; bouzouki, jaw harp (C, D, E, F, A, G); Horner melodica; mandolin (but NOT bluegrass or fast soloing), and trombone. He reads music, and plays by ear.
Tom Leighton © photo by Eric Fefferman

© Eric Fefferman

Tom has done vocal arrangements for high school and community choirs. Ochestrated for various ensembles including stage band, concert band, small ensembles, string trio and quartettes and full symphony orchestra.

As an music educator Tom is now retired from Wexford School for the Arts where he was part of the music theatre team. He continues to lead vocal work shops where he brings warm ups and techniques and blasts through his own vocal charts in a fun, high energy session.