Tom Leighton’s first solo CD “Leighton Tendencies”

All compositions and arrangements were written by Tom Leighton 2010, SOCAN except “The Last Mile Home” which was written by Tom Leighton & Conrad Kipping 2010, SOCAN

Produced by Paul Mills and Tom Leighton

Tom's Leighton's solo CD "Leighton Tendencies"

[play-button:wp-content/uploads/02-Shirley-This-Is-Love.mp3] Shirley,This Is Love: waltz 4:06
[play-button:wp-content/uploads/03-The-Kitchen-Sink.mp3] The Kitchen Sink: clogging reel 3:12
[play-button:wp-content/uploads/04-On-Beechwood.mp3] On Beechwood: prelude 2:07
[play-button:wp-content/uploads/06-Conrads-Mandolin.mp3] Conrad’s Mandolin: reel 4:05

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