“Adventures of a SuperVet Tech ” is going on tour!

Adventures of a SuperVet Tech

(formerly “Behind the Furry Curtain”)!

A Tribute to Veterinary Technicians and their profession

• A 55 min. multi-media show designed to educate and inspire our future vet techs

• Featuring…Sandra Lean-Leighton, RVT (21 years)

• Now booking tours of Veterinary Technician (CVT, LVT)  Colleges and Conferences in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and USA, Oct. 2015 – Sept. 2016

• Starting at $500.00/show, this motivational presentation is designed to instil pride and provide encouragement for students entering the challenging world of the RVT.

•Featuring inside jokes, poignant moments and practical advice for the student vet tech

•Celebrating our achievements and vital role in veterinary medicine.

•Reviews from RVTs: “Amazing!” “Laugh-out-loud event! ”Stress- Buster Show!”


The Project:

For the first 20 years of my working life, I was an actor, writer and theatrical producer. Since 1994, I have had the honor of working as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

We vet techs are the unsung heroes of the veterinary world and I aim to raise the public profile of this profession. Our work environment is funny, heart-warming, bizarre and at times tragic. It takes a very special person to withstand the emotional and physical demands of the job. But for those of us who do it, we wouldn’t change it for the world. It is to these amazing individuals, my fellow veterinary technicians, that I wish to pay tribute.

I am thrilled to be taking my show “Adventures of a SuperVet Tech” to veterinary and vet tech colleges, as well as conferences, as a motivational vehicle to veterinary technicians everywhere.

Sandra Lean-Leighton BA RVT

For bookings and dates, please contact me at 416-425-8233, or sleanleighton@gmail.com


Reviews from Schools

The Haileybury Campus hosted a laugh-out- loud event on February 4, 2015, during Student Development Hour. Of special interest to the many Veterinary Sciences students in Haileybury, Sandra Leighton presented her one-woman show, “Behind the Furry Curtain – A Lighthearted Glimpse into the Veterinary World”. The show was presented to a full house, and discussed the topic “What is a Vet Tech?”. Using her twenty years of experience, Sandra has created a hilarious show that discusses some of the responsibilities she has been tasked with during her years in the field. The event was a fantastic stress-buster for our students,

Hi Everyone!!
I just wanted to let you know that Sandra came to perform her “Behind the Furry Curtain” show at Northern last week, and it was fantastic! I invited all VT students, Wildlife students, companion animal rehab and VA’s and Groomers, and they all loved it. It also encouraged some VA’s and Groomers to want to continue their education and become VTs. The best part was that it really seemed to raise everyone’s spirits and that was much needed as the winter blues are starting….!

Nancy Goudreault, RVT! Veterinary Sciences Coordinator! Northern College