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Success in BC, SuperVet Tech wows the crowd

Here are some SuperVet Techs who shared in the fun at Douglas College last week. Thank you for the very kind words. Read on………..

Eagle Ridge Animal and Bird Hospital's photo.
Eagle Ridge Animal and Bird Hospital's photo.
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It’s ‪#‎NationalVeterinaryTechnicianWeek‬, and we are super proud to be SuperVet Techs! We were treated to a wonderfully hilarious performance by Sandra Lean-Leighton, an actress and Registered Veterinary Technician for over 20 years. She combined her two worlds seamlessly into a show celebrating the unsung heroes of the veterinary world. As a bonus, we got awesome SuperVet Tech crowns! Thank you Douglas College and the Veterinary Technology Program for hosting. All ticket sales went to the program’s Vet Tech Trust Fund, which helps fund bursaries and awards for their students and future vet tech hopefuls.

The reviews are coming in

I’m absolutely thrilled with this review!

Adventures of a Supervet Tech (Lilliput Productions) 2015 Fringe Review

Photo from Adventure of a Supervet Tech


In the Toronto Fringe show Adventures of a Supervet Tech, Sandra Lean-Leighton shares tales from over two decades as a Veterinary Technician. This is a zany, energetic show that packs a few unexpectedly emotional punches. This marriage of Lean-Leighton’s rich background in theatre with the colourful experiences she’s had as a vet tech aims to shed some light on a valuable but underappreciated profession. As she puts it, she takes audiences ‘beyond the furry veil.’

Sandra Lean-Leighton spent the first two decades of her career in performance, finding opportunities in Canada and internationally, both behind-the-scenes and as an actor. She founded Lilliput Productions, a children’s theatre company for which she wrote, performed, and produced a number of successful shows.

Lean-Leighton really gives it her all in this multimedia show, and is unflappable onstage. She’s a confident and warm performer, and able to charm. These are skills she likely honed in children’s theatre, and they work just as well here.
Indeed, I could see this show playing well to a wide range of ages, so long as audience members are prepared for some gross-out humour and frank discussion of male reproductive equipment.
If you require your theatre to be Very Serious and Cerebral, this isn’t for you. Lean-Leighton wears a superhero costume for much of the show, and there are plenty of goofy moments. However, if you’re willing to go with the flow and have some fun, there are laughs to be had as well as things to learn!
There are also brow-raising tales, particularly when Lean-Leighton reveals a few of the stranger behaviours exhibited by the more eccentric pet owners she’s encountered. She’s never cruel, however. In fact, there are some poignant moments as she discusses death, dignity, compassion and pain in an understated way that is quietly moving.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show, but Lean-Leighton won me over with her charisma and commitment. She’s not afraid of a little razzle-dazzle, and I couldn’t help but grin in response. It’s clear she loves what she does – the acting as well as her work with animals – and that adds something undeniable to this show.
More reviews……

Adventures of a SuperVet Tech is a delightful production which exceeded my expectations.
It is a passionate, entertaining and inspiring work. Some surprises: the amount of technology used in the field by a vet tech; the pathos evoked in the segment about euthanasia, which had a very personal aspect to it; and the description of the  CRAZY (her word) pet owners encountered.
Fast moving, creative, and a great piece of theatre.
Thank you Sandra for your WORK!!    Joan S. Toronto

The Haileybury Campus hosted a laugh-out-loud event on February 4, 2015, during Student Development Hour. Of special interest to the many Veterinary Sciences students in Haileybury, Sandra Leighton presented her one-woman show, “Behind the Furry Curtain – A Lighthearted Glimpse into the Veterinary World”. The show was presented to a full house, and discussed the topic “What is a Vet Tech?”. Using her twenty years of experience, Sandra has created a hilarious show that discusses some of the responsibilities she has been tasked with during her years in the field. The event was a fantastic stress-buster for our students, and it was enjoyed by all!


Fund What You Can – Here’s the Pitch

By now most of you know about my project to raise the profile of veterinary technicians everywhere. Now, here is your chance to get involved. Through the Fringe Toronto Festival, I have signed up for a Fund What You Can campaign. Okay, I know what you’re thinking……”Nobody wants to be asked for money”. Well, nobody wants to ask for money either……but. Through your donations of as little as $10, you will be helping me on my mission to pay tribute to the unsung heroes of the veterinary world, gaining fun rewards (anal gland expression anyone?), and supporting the arts, all at the same time.

If you feel as passionate about this mission as I do, please use this link,



Spread the word, come to my shows July 1-12th and help me honour Veterinary Technicians everywhere!

“Believe it” Video

This is an important excerpt from the show called “Believe It; Behind the Furry Curtain”. It has had over 8,000 Youtube hits and has been shared by thousands of Registered Veterinary Technicians around the world. I’m very proud of it. Enjoy!

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