Excerpt from the Show- RVTS


When I was an actress and attending a party, someone would ask the inevitable question, “What you you do?” When I told them I was an actress, you could see the feeling of excitement rising up in them.
” Have I seen you in something? Who have you worked with? Are you famous?”.
Nowadays, when at the same kind of party and the same kind of question comes up and I say “I am a Registered Veterinary Technician”, it’s a very different response.
” A what?” Some are polite enough to fain interest and slink off while others start going on and on about how expensive their last vet check-up was. I am neither surprised nor disappointed. But what does amaze me is the feeling I get when I state my profession. A warm glow wells up in me and I have a rush of immense pride. And it’s the memory of that feeling that keeps me going through the many challenges I face daily in my work: and there are many; the physical and emotional demands of the job, the relatively low pay and lack of recognition. Hey, every job has it’s downside and I could go on and on……..but instead…Here’s the good news.

Now, I’m going to be throwing some numbers at you so hold onto your seats. Look at the career websites out there. Veterinary Technology is one of the fastest growing professions there are. One says the need for RVTs will increase by 30% in the next 5 years. And get this, a recent scientific veterinary journal says a good RVT can increase the income of a veterinary practice by as much as $93,000 a year. Those are big numbers and make no mistake, vets are starting to take notice. Fully accredited Registered Veterinary Technicians earn 21% more than the unaccredited ones. There’s incentive to stay in school, huh? My friends, the future looks very bright. There are 12 different veterinary technician specialties such as Emergency Clinical Care, Large Animal, Squirrel Gynaecology…… not really Squirrel Gynaecology, just making sure you’re still with me.. But you get my point…… Our professional associations are working very hard on promoting us to the public. And that is key to our future. Hey, this is a great time to be a Registered Veterinary Technician.
I remember working at an emergency and referral facility. I was filling in for dermatology at the time: nice thing, nobody died on my shift. One day I walked into the trauma room and hit-by-car dog had just come in and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was straight out of Grey’s Anatomy, the only thing missing was Dr. McDreamy. (aside) They killed him off, why did they do that? Anyway, all the alarm bells and whistles were ringing, drugs and fluids were flying, and 6 people were working very quickly but calmly using their skills to save a life. Wow! At that moment I remember thinking, “How did a right-brained artsy fartsy like me ever end up being a part of this fantastic team of professionals?”
I can’t tell you how honored I am to be among the ranks of Registered Veterinary Technicians. So for a moment, let’s give them the stage.

RVT photo montage 20 secs, music by Tom Leighton “Christmas on Queen Street”