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     “Adventures of a SuperVet Tech” Returns to Toronto!

On the heels of a successful Canadian tour and after gaining rave reviews at the Toronto Fringe Festival 2015, “Adventures of a SuperVet Tech” returns to Toronto!

How do you get a semen sample from a Pomeranian? Sandra Lean-Leighton takes you through the back door of your local vet clinic. With her passion and keen sense of  humor, she will delight you with true stories of feisty pet owners, quirky vets, lovable animals – and the registered veterinary technicians who look after them all.

Through the eyes of her caped alter-ego, SuperVet Tech, Sandra pays tribute to the unsung heroes of the veterinary world. “Veterinary Technicians are nurses for animals,” she says, “but so much more. We do x-rays, medications, lab analysis, small surgeries, owner counseling, you name it. The problem is no one knows who we are or what we do. I intend to change that.”

Combining her careers as a professional actor and a registered veterinary technician, Sandra delights both theater buffs and animal lovers alike. Her audiences are treated to original music and video, dramatic monologues, and hilarious scenarios.

Allison Jones from Mooney On Theatre calls it “ A zany, energetic show that packs a few unexpectedly emotional punches.”

Don’t miss this ground-breaking work.

“Adventures of a SuperVet Tech” is in town for 2 nights only at the Red Sandcastle Theatre, 922 Queen St. East, (at Logan), Thursday June 2nd and Friday June 3rd at 7:30pm. Prices are $20.00 Adults, $15.00 Students, Seniors and Veterinary Staff Members. For reservations please call 416- 845-9411.

Written and Performed by Sandra Lean-Leighton
Directed by Alexsandra Marzocca

Musical Direction by Tom Leighton


Some reviews from the veterinary technician colleges………..

“Thank you so much for coming and for an inspiring show for the students.  I thought it was very well done. A student told me that  the show had re-ignited her passion for the profession and that she felt much more confident in moving forward with pride and excitement.  She wanted to make sure that we knew how helpful the show was to her and thanked us for arranging your visit. I think that is proof-positive that you are achieving your goal of encouraging and inspiring these students! I was watching the students (and our staff) through the show, and lots of smiling, nodding and genuine enjoyment was evident!”

Diane Boyle DVM Faculty Douglas College

“We were able to raise a little over $400 to donate to the VTEC Trust Fund – a nice bonus to cap off a great evening.”
Brian Chapell, Dean Veterinary Technology Program, Douglas College

“It’s #NationalVeterinaryTechnicianWeek, and we are super proud to be SuperVet Techs! We were treated to a wonderfully hilarious performance by Sandra Lean-Leighton, an actress and Registered Veterinary Technician for over 20 years.
This splendid show is a first for the veterinary world and is not to be missed!”

RVTS at Eagle Ridge Veterinary Clinic.



Written and Performed by Sandra Lean-Leighton
Directed by Alexsandra Marzocca

Musical Direction by Tom Leighton