Lilliput Productions

Founded in 1985 by Heather-Lynn Meacock and Sandra Lean-Leighton, this innovative children’s theatre company spanned a decade performing for schools, libraries and daycares.

Based in Toronto, Lilliput Productions toured throughout Ontario, Labrador, and Nova Scotia and even performed on the Newfoundland Ferry MV Caribou. Some of its most successful shows included “Bea is for the Birds”, “That’s the Ticket”, “Dog Gonnit!”, “The Bea Team” and “Goin’ Nuts”, all written and produced by Sandra Lean-Leighton.

Bea Bumble

Lilliput on tour Lilliput audience

After a 20 year hiatus, Lilliput Productions is at it again, this time for an adult audience. Its new comedy “Adventures of a SuperVet Tech”, written and performed by Sandra Lean-Leighton shares the wacky world of a Registered Veterinary Technician. It is sure to delight animal lovers and theatre buffs alike.

Lilliput Productions is pleased to be able to bring this production to the Toronto Fringe 2015, July-1-12, at the Al Green Theatre, Spadina/Bloor. Dates and times will be posted soon.