Tour Booking

Adventures of a SuperVet Tech

(formerly “Behind the Furry Curtain”)

A Tribute to Veterinary Technicians and their Profession

• A 55 min. multi-media show designed to educate and inspire our future vet techs

• Featuring…Sandra Lean-Leighton, RVT (21 years)

• Now booking tours of Veterinary Technician (CVT, LVT)  Colleges and Conferences in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and USA, Oct. 2015 – Sept. 2016

• Starting at $500.00/show, this motivational presentation is designed to instil pride and provide encouragement for students entering the challenging world of the RVT.

•Featuring inside jokes, poignant moments and practical advice for the student vet tech

•Celebrating our achievements and vital role in veterinary medicine.

•Reviews from RVTs: “Amazing!” “Laugh-out-loud event! ”Stress- Buster Show!”

Show reviews from the colleges………

IMG_1079I just wanted to let you know that Sandra came to perform her “Behind the Furry Curtain” show at Northern last week, and it was fantastic!  I invited all VT students, Wildlife students, companion animal rehab and VA’s and Groomers, and they all loved it.  It also encouraged some VA’s and Groomers to want to continue their education and become VTs. The best part was that it really seemed to raise everyone’s spirits and that was much needed as the winter blues are starting….
Nancy Goudreault, RVT
Veterinary Sciences Coordinator Northern College

Douglas SVTs

A student told me that the show had re-ignited her passion for the profession and that she felt much more confident in moving forward with pride and excitement. I think that is proof-positive that you are achieving your goal of encouraging and inspiring these students! I was watching the students (and our staff) through the show, and lots of smiling, nodding and genuine enjoyment was evident!”
Diane Boyle DVM Faculty Douglas

“She combined her two worlds seamlessly into a show celebrating the unsung heroes of the veterinary world. As a bonus, we got awesome SuperVet Tech crowns! Thank you Douglas College and the Veterinary Technology Program for hosting. All ticket sales went to the program’s Vet Tech Trust Fund, which helps fund bursaries and awards for their students and future vet tech hopefuls.”
RVTs at Eagle Ridge Animal and Bird Hospital