Win/Win Show and Fundraiser at Douglas College

It was a win/win situation at Douglas College, Oct 8th as Sandra Lean-Leighton presented her hilarious theatrical production “Adventures of a SuperVet Tech”. Not only presented as a motivational show for vet tech students, the public were also invited to share in the fun and proceeds from the ticket sales went to a very worthy cause, the VTEC Fund for student bursaries and extra equipment for the program.

Below are testimonies by the staff of Douglas College………

“Thank you so much for coming and for an inspiring show for the students.  I thought it was very well done. I shared with you the story of the student that had been looking quite downhearted earlier in the day and had come to my office to share her frustration in her own performance and lack of motivation.  She was questioning whether she had chosen the right path, and if what she was feeling meant she should quit school. ….. She sought me out after the performance and was smiling from ear to ear.  She told me that the show had re-ignited her passion for the profession and that she felt much more confident in moving forward with pride and excitement.  She wanted to make sure that we knew how helpful the show was to her and thanked us for arranging your visit. I think that is proof-positive that you are achieving your goal of encouraging and inspiring these students! I was watching the students (and our staff) through the show, and lots of smiling, nodding and genuine enjoyment was evident!”
Diane Boyle DVM Faculty Douglas College

“We were able to raise a little over $400 to donate to the VTEC Trust Fund – a nice bonus to cap off a great evening.”
Brian Chapell, Dean Veterinary Technology Program, Douglas College