Foot to the Floor (Repeat on Beat)

Foot to the Floor (repeat on the beat)

Foot to the Floor (repeat on the beat)

Foot to Floor (Repeat on Beat!) is Mark ‘n’ Tom’s first, guaranteed to please with trad and original songs from their Celtic and North American roots repertoire performed on fiddle, accordion, guitar, mandolin, bodhran and keyboards. This CD will get rave reviews from your parents and your kids!!

Download the Gafte Baile Bui Sheet Music


Tunes on “Foot to the Floor (Repeat on Beat)”

1. Arriving In St. John’s / Smash the Window

2. Angus Campbell Reel Medley

3. The Dutchman

4. Drowsy Maggie / Swallowtail Reels

5. March, Jig, Reel Medley (The Girl I Left Behind / Eavesdropper / Flowers of Edinburgh)

6. Give Me Your Hand / The Bell Table

7. Waiting For the Ship

8. Jigs: Up the Pond/ Cock of the North

9. Trip to Windsor Reel Medley

10. Gaftai Baile Bui

11. High on the Hill



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