Hand to Hand

“Hand to Hand” Haines & Leighton’s third recording continues the collection of traditional and original material with diverse arrangements. This album contains some of their most frequent requests.

Mark Haines and Tom Leighton have been called a “two man folk festival” They are multi-instrumentalists combining traditional fiddle, accordion, guitar, bouzouki, and bodhran, with the new technology of synthesizers, tone generators and processors. With all this at their command they make a very big sound, That big sound is evident on their latest Borealis recording “Hand To Hand” From the opening Dylan classic “The Hour That the Ship Comes In” to the exuberant “Gumboot Clogeroo”; the comedy cabaret of “Does This Mean It’s Over” to the gorgeous cinematic quality of Leighton’s “My Father’s Kindness” Haines and Leighton have put together a set of music that will enthrall and delight. Musicians: Mark Haines, Tom Leighton, Steve Fruitman, Mike Hunter, Bob Johnston, Conrad Kipping, Mitch Lewis, Pat O’Gorman, Miles Raine, Cliff Skinner, Jeffrey Weismiller. Produced by: Tom Leighton.

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  • The song “Hand to Hand” was voted Song of the Year at the P.E.I Music Awards, 2002–and Mark Haines, its author, was voted Songwriter of the Year!
  • “Hand to Hand is a fine piece of work, almost too fine… I can’t get the damn melody out of my head.” — Doug Gallant, The Guardian, Charlottetown, PEI
  • From the the “Anti-Hit List” column by John Sakamoto, under the caption “Aggressive Dance—This Week’s 10 Coolest Tunes”: #3. Mark Haines & Tom Leighton, “When The Ship Comes In” — Toronto Sun, 06 Feb, 2002
  • “DELIGHTFUL!” –Penguin Eggs Magazine, Issue 14

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