Radio Features

Selected Radio features:

“The Midnight Special & Folkstage” WFMT Radio – 98.7 FM (Chicago),┬áRich Warren, host. Several appearances including New Year’s Eve ’06 and their┬áThe Chicago Folk Festival Broadcast, with Rich Warren

“Madly Off in All Directions” (hosted by Lorne Elliot – CBC national radio)

Live from “The Glenn Gould Theatre” Haines & Leighton with the Elmer Isler Singers, CBC national radio

“Sounds Like Canada” (hosted by Sheila Rogers – CBC national radio )

“Back to the Sugar Camp” (hosted by Steve Fruitman, CIUT – FM)

“Fresh Air” (hosted by Jeff Goodes – CBC reginal radio )

“Nova Scotia Kitchen Party” (CBC national radio)

“Swingin’ On A Star” (hosted by Murray McLaughlin – CBC national radio )

“Later The Same Day” (hosted by Catherine O’Hara)
Host band for C.B.C.’s national broadcast of “The Canadian Open Old Time Fiddler’s Contest”, Shelbourne, Ontario

“Night Side” (hosted by John Oakley and Richard Hesselink)

“CHIN Points East” (hosted by Karen Parmeter)

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